Cub owners The Great Escape know more about family travel than most. Nathan, Renee and their three-year-old son Ryan have been travelling in a Cub Escape since January 2016 and in that time they’ve learned a thing or two!

In that time, they’ve explored much of NSW and Queensland, including Moreton Island, Fraser Island, Cape York (including the Telegraph Track), the Bloomfield Track (where they spotted the biggest crocodile they’ve ever seen), and Kinkuna.

They’ve lived and worked in some outback towns along the way, saving money to fund their adventures. And they don’t plan on stopping any time soon!

We’re lucky enough to have them join the Cub stand at the NSW Supershow, 25 April to 30 April.

The Great Escape will sharing their stories about family travel at site 602 on Tuesday 25 April (Anzac Day), Friday 28 April, Saturday 29 April, and Sunday 30 April. They’ll also be presenting on the following topics:

  • Travelling with Children (10am 25/4, 12.30pm 28/4, 1.30pm 29/4, 2.30pm 30/4)
  • Travelling on a Budget (12pm 25/4, 10am 28/4, 3pm 29/4, 1pm 30/4)
  • Where to Stay (1.30pm 25/4, 3.30pm 28/4, 10am 29/4, 11.30am 30/4)
  • How to make your camper work for you (3pm 25/4, 2pm 28/4, 12pm 29/4, 9.30am 30/4)

Are you thinking about travelling Australia in a camper trailer? Tossing up between a caravan and a camper? Renee and Nathan might be able to help you make up your mind!

When it came to choosing a Cub, they wanted a camper trailer that was Australian-made, and would get them where they wanted to go. “The main reason we decided to buy a camper trailer was the ability to go anywhere,” says Nathan. “So much of Australia is 4WD only and we didn’t want to miss some of the best bits because we couldn’t access them.”

“We also wanted something comfortable with plenty of space that was easy to pack up and set up,” says Nathan. “The Cub is quick and easy to wind out for an overnighter, and the fact that it’s hard floor and off the ground means we can set it up just about anywhere.”

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