Cub Campers uses 100% Australian steel across our entire range of camper trailers. Here’s why:

In camper trailers, steel is the backbone of your home away from home. You don’t want your suspension or coupling to break when you’re deep in the outback and miles from anywhere, and neither do we. Your holiday will be ruined and the cost to recover the trailer from wherever you are could be substantial.

Australian Steel is made as per Australian Standards, which are some of the highest in the world. Which is why Cub uses 100% Australian steel. And why you can buy a Cub knowing that all the main load-bearing components in your camper trailer – the chassis, suspension, drawbar, sideframe, body, panel and tent frame – are of the highest quality.

A few years ago, one or two of our customers had suspension failures. At first we weren’t sure why. We had been using the same design without any problems for years, but with increasing cost pressures we’d recently switched to a cheaper steel. We asked our supplier to analyse the steel. Turns out the steel was imported and the quality was substandard – it was brittle and did not respond well to wear and tear that people expect from our campers.

Our customers’ safety is incredibly important to us, and we certify that our trailers are fit for purpose and safe to use in tough outback conditions. Now we make sure that we only use Australian steel, even if it costs a little more.

We don’t regret that decision. How could we? Even if it costs more to use Australian steel, our customers are happier and we are too, knowing that they can enjoy their holiday with peace of mind.

Since then, we’ve put a lot more research into where our materials are sourced from; we want to know and we encourage you to ask. We are proud to have been in business for almost 50 years, an Aussie manufacturer supporting other Australian industries.

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