When you’re about to plan an amazing off-road camping trip, you need to feel confident that your trailer is going to be everything that you need and more. Consult this guide on some of the best options for you and your family to have your most exciting camping experience yet. 

Why off-road? 

Driving off-road is a unique and exciting experience for you and your passengers! This is a great way to kick your next camping trip up a notch or two, especially when you have your family with you. Opening up the whole family to the boundless potential of the great outdoors will never get boring, so you need a camper trailer that’s going to be in it with you for the long run. 

What is the best camper trailer for a family?

The best family off-road camper trailer is going to be facilitating, safe and relatively spacious. You’ll want to opt for something that gives you all the function and storage of a traditional camper trailer, whilst also being lightweight enough for you to journey off-road.

Chances are, you and your clan are headed off-road for one real reason, adventure. You’re going to be exploring new terrain, unfamiliar environments, and exciting trails, and you need a camper trailer that’s going to work with your car, family, and environment.

2-6m series escape

The Escape is pretty much the best family camper trailer for those who are looking to have an action-packed family adventure. It’s very lightweight so you can take it onto any varied surface that you like. You can enjoy all the classic caravan essentials in a spacious environment, whilst you rip through the elements! This is the best travel trailer for a family of 4 or under. 

How to set up a camper trailer? 

If you’re investing in an off-road camper trailer, you need to be sure that you’re going to be able to set it up properly. Luckily, you can find styles that are super easy to attach, collapse and set up. When you’re investing in off-road adventures, you want to make sure that the trailer you pick is the right on for how you drive. The Explorer is your best bet if you’re venturing off-road for the very first time.

2-2m series explorer

This off-road trailer is actually made for entry-level off-road drivers, so you can feel super confident that you’ll be equipped with the best and safest kit for you and your family. 

What’s the best camper trailer for a large family? 

You’re in need of a fully kitted out camper trailer that will take you off-road, but also on all your other adventures as well? The Longreach LE trailer is your answer. This is the best family travel trailer for a family of 4 or more, it’s seriously roomy!

3-2m series longreach le

This option really is perfect, especially for larger families, there is so much space you’ll feel like you and the kids are in a full-on motorhome. You have the option to add even more storage and extra bunk beds so your whole family can feel totally at home when you’re not exploring Mother Nature and making memories. 

Before you take the plunge and purchase your off-road camper trailer, be sure that you take into account the who, when what and where and of your trip, and any other explorations that you might have in mind for the future. That way you’ll be sure to secure yourself something that’s perfect for you, your family and your love for adventure. 

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