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Setting out on a camping trip can be a thrilling adventurethat is, until you realize you forgot something you absolutely need. Figuring out what to pack in a camper trailer can be tough, but once you get it down pat, packing up for a trip becomes a cinch. We’ve broken down our best beginner packing tips, from what to pack in a camper trailer to exactly how to pack it so that you can spend less time sorting through your gear and more time enjoying Mother Nature. After all, time away with the family is precious, so making the most of every minute is a must! Read on for a guide to packing your camper trailer like a pro on the very first try, but remember: if you get overwhelmed, just crack a cold one, take a breather, and try again.

  1. Make a List

When you’re figuring out what to pack in a camper trailer, making a list is essential. It’ll help keep you as organized as possible while also reminding you what you need to shop for, dig out of storage, wash, and pack. Once you’ve made your list of everything you’ll need, go over it again with a fine-tooth comb and see what you can trim down. Overpacking is actually not helpful when you’re in a camper trailer; when you and your family are tucked inside such a small space, you’ll want as much room as you can get after a day or two. While it might seem crucial to have a badminton set or a telescope, figure out if you’ll actually make use of it enough for it to stay on the list. Better out than in the way for you to stub your toe on!

  1. Get Organized

You might have everything on your list piled at the front door, but now it’s time to make sure it actually all fits inside your camper trailer. For first time campers, it’s important to set aside a day or two before you leave to ensure everything is as organized as possible (instead of jamming it all in the hour before you head out). Start with the non essentials and pack them in the back, in the corners, and into storage compartments. This helps ensure everything you absolutely need most is at the front and within easy reach.


Camper Trailer


  1. Pack Strategically

Items that might slide or move around should be tied together, like tying cutlery or plates together with a rubber band. You can even use your bedding and blankets to pad larger items to make sure they don’t shift around too much during your drive. If you have cupboards, make sure they latch firmly shut or use child locks to ensure they won’t burst open during a sharp turn. If you really want to set yourself up for success, labelling cupboards and compartments can be a lifesaver when you need to find something in a pinch (and it helps your family figure out where to put things back). You can get fancy with proper labels, but masking tape and a marker will do in a pinch!

  1. Distribute Weight Evenly

In order to ensure you don’t arrive at your campground to a disaster inside your trailer, it’s important to place items strategically throughout. Start with the heaviest items as low as possible to the floor and evenly distributed across the trailer. This will help prevent them from falling and breaking other items should the trailer sway or shift. This strategy will also improve your towing and keep the weight evenly distributed on your vehicle (as opposed to more of a tug on one side). If you run into bad weather like rain or wind, an uneven load can be pretty dangerous and cause swaying of the trailer.


Camper Trailer


  1. Buy Doubles

One of the best tips for figuring out what to pack in a camper trailer is not having to pack at all. Buy duplicates of everything in your home that you need to pack and keep them stored in your camper trailer. This will make packing and unpacking a breeze, which you’ll definitely be grateful for when you get home after a long trip. Plus, pretty soon every item will have its designated spot, which will make it easier and easier to find things on each new trip.

  1. Plan Meals

Planning your meals is an important step when figuring out what to pack in a camper trailer. You don’t want to pack too much food that you can just as easily buy when you get to your destination. It’s great to have plenty of non-perishables on hand, but cans and boxes can get pretty heavy and start to weigh down your trailer and use up more gas. Figure out exactly what you’ll need until you can do your next restocking shop by creating a list of all your meals and their ingredients (and sticking to them!).

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