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Camper trailer holidays can be fantastic family trips that create lasting memories. Relaxing out in nature, unplugged and de-stressed, they’re a recipe for some of the best trips you’ll ever take. However, camper trailer trips can take quite a bit of preparation to make sure you know what to pack in a camper trailer for a successful trip. After all, when you’re out in the woods it’s tough to run to the store because you ran out of batteries or forgot butter. Read on to find out exactly what to pack in a camper trailer, how to pack, and everything else you need to do to prepare for a smooth, enjoyable camper trailer holiday!

  1. Vehicle Service

It’s important to get your vehicle serviced regularly, but it’s even more important before heading out on a lengthy camping trip (especially if you’re going to a remote area). You’re going to be driving over unpaved roads, towing a camper, and maybe even going off-roading. You want your vehicle and trailer to be in tip-top shape to avoid any issues that can derail your trip. Ensure a full service is done on your vehicle (including a tyre check) so you can replace any soon to be worn-out parts, ensure your trailer brake and signaling lights are working correctly, and ensure everything inside the trailer is functional (overhead lights, fridge, etc.). It helps to set up your trailer a day or two in advance to ensure everything sets up as it should be and there are no surprises.


Camper Trailer Holidays


  1. Packing List

Your camping packing list is crucial step in preparing for your camper trailer holiday. Forgetting essentials is never any fun, especially when there’s no handy stores nearby to replace them. A few days before your trip, make a thorough list of everything you’ll need to bring. Everything from clothing to cookware, cleaning supplies to tools, bedding to entertainment, and camping supplies. Making a detailed list will help keep you organised when it comes to shopping for what you need, washing, finding, and packing everything. It’ll also help when it comes time to trim the list down, because your first list should never be your final list. You’ll want to cut out as much as you can, because the more you pack, the more full your trailer is. This will not only make it a pain to navigate your trailer, but also weigh it down and cause you to use up more gas. Try to find ways to use things in multiple ways to cut down on excess, like one pot for all your cooking, or one pair of shoes for the trip. Prep as much as you can foodwise to avoid bringing possibly unnecessary items like cutting boards and peelers.  You’ll be surprised at how creative you can be when you set your mind to finding ways to cut down on supplies.

  1. Organise and Prepare

Once you’ve got what to pack in a camper trailer finalized, it’s time to organize everything. Cramming everything into the trailer isn’t the best idea; you’ll likely arrive at your campsite to find everything shifted, possibly broken, and definitely not easy to sort through to unpack quickly. Label every drawer, cupboard and box that you can to make it as easy as possible to find things (masking tape and a marker will do!), and bundle every loose item you can, like cutlery and plates, as well as stacking cups. If you can latch cupboards closed, there’s less of a chance of them bursting open and spilling their contents; if not, simply push a box in front to keep them secure.


Camper Trailer Holidays


  1. Packing Strategically

Now that you’ve figured out what to pack in a camper trailer, it’s time to figure out how to best pack everything to make sure everything fits and to make unpacking a cinch. Place your heaviest items low to the floor and disperse them evenly throughout the trailer. This will help evenly distribute the weight to avoid an uneven pull on your trailer or any swaying. Strategically use bedding and towels to cushion and pad loose items so that nothing gets wrecked after one sharp turn! Try and pack the least-used items first and the most-used items last, so that you have what you need as soon as you start unpacking. Make sure to keep tools and anything you’ll need to set up right at the front of the trailer for easy access when you get to the campsite. Also, consider if it’s dark when you arrive or happens to be raining; you’ll want lanterns, bug spray, boots, raincoats, and tarps right at your fingers. Being prepared is half the battle when camping, but after that it’s smooth sailing for a fantastic, relaxing trip!

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