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Camping trips can be some of the most relaxing excursions you’ll ever take, but not unless you do your best to cut out the stress. It’s tempting to pack a ton of gear when you go camping to ensure you’re prepared for anything and everything, but when you’re figuring out how to make a small camper trailer work for a family, packing light is key. You might think you need everything on your list, but chances are that a ton of those “essentials” might not ever get used on your travels. Figuring out how to scale things down and only take exactly what you need might seem like a chore, but it’ll make your trip so much better in the long run. You won’t have to pack and repack and constantly reorganize to make things fit, you won’t have to search endlessly for items, and unpacking after a trip won’t be something you dread. Keep reading to find ideas on how to make a small camper trailer work for you, because it might just result in the most relaxing trip of your life.

  1. Clothing

The best part about camping is that you can be a slob, and the only witnesses are your family and the squirrels. Skip the extra clothing and pack only the essentials. Try and find items you can use in multiple ways, like sweatpants as both loungewear and pyjamas on colder nights, or shoes you can both hike in and wear as your everyday camp shoes. Once you’ve laid out your clothing, figure out what you can leave behind among them. Chances are, you probably don’t need as many pairs of shoes or sweatshirts as you thought. To pack your clothes, use a backpack or duffel bag instead of a bulky suitcase. This will help you cut down on weight and takes up less space in the trailer.


Light Camper Trailer


  1. Cookware

Your cookware is the easiest place to cut down on supplies. People aren’t expecting gourmet food while camping, so you can leave behind all your fancy small appliances and gadgets. Prep as much food as you can in advance, like chopping up a bunch of fruit and veggies to avoid having to bring cutting boards and knives, or preparing pancake batter in a disposable bottle and tossing it when you’re done. You can make do with just one pot or pan by finding great one-dish meals, like pork and beans, a sausage and veggie dish, and hot dogs and corn on the cob (even better when you can cook your entire meal over the fire!). Ditch the full-sized condiment bottles, and either buy smaller versions or fill Tupperware with exactly what you need (don’t forget things like butter, salt and pepper, and oil). Meticulous meal planning will help you avoid packing extra cookware and food items, which can take up a surprising amount of space.

  1. Cleaning

When figuring out how to make a small camper trailer clean, you can probably think of a ton of supplies you’d need. Everything from a broom to a mop, sponges, sprays, and more. But these take up a ton of space, which means you need to get crafty. With any kind of liquid like dish and hand soap and detergent, use smaller travel-sized versions. Disinfecting wipes and disposable cloths are great ways to ease your load as you clean. And don’t forget the toiletries! Use travel-sized options that you can toss as you use up but try to just bring fewer items. After all, getting to be a little grubby while camping is half the appeal!


Light Camper Trailer


  1. Entertainment

While Mother Nature tends to put on a fantastic show, you’ll probably still want to bring a few entertainment items. Books can get pretty heavy and bulky, so switching to an e-reader or tablet can help (small book lights can help cut down on your need for flashlights too!). If you don’t think you’ll use them enough, leave all your gear at home for activities like rock climbing, snorkelling, biking, etc. Chances are, sitting on a beach or relaxing by the fire will be more appealing to you anyway. If you get bored, there’s always plenty of things to do, like swimming, hiking, exploring, and bird-watching. If you plan on buying any souvenirs on your trip, ask the store if they’ll ship them to you or mail them to yourself to save space. While it might not seem like much, these small things add when you’re trying to figure out how to make a small travel trailer work! Mastering a more minimalist approaching to camping will forever change the camping experience for you, for the better.

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