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Large family trips can be fun, chaotic, sometimes tricky, but always worthwhile. That is, until you have to all share a small space like a camper trailer. This is where choosing the right camper trailer is key, so that every family member can enjoy their vacation like they should. The best camper trailer for large family trips does indeed exist, and we’ve narrowed it down to three options that have various advantages to suit your personal camping wants and needs, from being able to adventure off the beaten path to being able to comfortably sit inside the camper trailer all at one time. These three campers are the favourites for best camper trailer for large family camping trips and are all great options to choose from so you won’t have any trouble making your dreams of a family camping trip comes true. Keep reading to find your new family camper trailer that will last you years to come and help build cherished family memories in the Australian outback.

  1. Longreach

The Longreach is unequivocally the best camper trailer for large family camping trips. This luxe trailer can fit up to six people, which is pretty incredible considering how lightweight it is and easy to set up. The Longreach has a deluxe queen-sized, pocket-spring mattress that you’ll love to stretch out on after a long but fantastic day of camping (and that the kids will try to monopolise, so beware!) plus room for single or bunk beds to add on. The Longreach is ideal for families, because it has the most available interior and exterior living space so that your family won’t feel like they’re on top of each other when everyone’s inside. In fact, the Longreach has 25.4 square meters of space when it’s fully set up, so everyone will have plenty of room to spread out, even on bad weather days when you’re stuck inside! For you, the kids, and maybe even a couple of friends, the Longreach is the perfect long-haul, family camper trailer.

Camper Trailers

  1. Escape

The Escape is the best camper trailer for large family adventures, thanks to its off-roading capabilities. The Escape truly embodies its name by giving large families a means to travel and experience the adventure of nature without sacrificing comfort. You don’t need a large vehicle to tow this trailer, but you can trust it to safely take you off the beaten path and back without missing a beat. With independent suspension, 12’’ electric brakes for safety, two 4kg gas bottles and holders to go further, and durable alloy wheels, you can have a blast in this strong and sturdy rig that was designed to give you and your family your most exhilarating camping experience yet. The Escape comes with plenty of storage (because large families come with a lot of stuff!), such as under the bed, a slide out storage box, a cushioned storage locker, and roof racks as well to store your bulkier items. With plenty of customizable features, the Escape can truly feel like it was made for your family. You’ll get exactly the amenities and functionality that your family needs to enjoy the trip to its fullest, without having to pay for any unnecessary frills that you don’t want or need. Enjoy your family vacation in style and comfort thanks to a camper trailer that finally gets what your family is looking for.

Camper Trailers

  1. Frontier

The Frontier is completely unique and definitely a contender for the best camper trailer for large family trips. It’s a forward folding model, meaning that when it’s set up it takes up the same surface area as when it’s packed up, which makes it easy to find a camping spot that you know will work (a blessing when the kids are hankering to get set up and start the fun!). With space for up to four people, the Frontier is a comfortable camper that performs. Your family will love the queen-sized bed plus the dining area that converts into a great double bed too. When you have to spend time inside the trailer due to inclement weather, the lounge area will be worth its weight in gold, especially with the comfortable but stylish cushions. The Frontier has a great outdoor living space for cooking, relaxing, and staying sheltered, but the trailer is still just as easy and quick to set up, especially with the extra hands.

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