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The Ultimate Forward Fold Family Camper Trailer

10 June 2019
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The ultimate forward fold family camper trailer isn’t easy to find, but with the Cub Campers Frontier model, you’ve got it made  — and it’s made right here in Sydney. The only 100% Australian manufactured forward fold trailer, the Frontier is completely unique and extremely well made for family camping trips in the rough Australian outback. You’re going to love this blend of performance and comfort: it has all the best features of the rear folding trailer and the soft-floor models, but none of the downsides. Whether you’re new to camping or an old hat, the Frontier forward fold family camper trailer is a one-of-kind rig that will become the perfect travelling companion for you and your entire family. From standard campsites to off-road oases, the Frontier has what it takes and more to be the ultimate forward fold family camper trailer.

  1. Space

The best family camper trailer will have room to move around for your family, because there’s nothing worse than being crowded on top of each other in a small space (especially for a week or more at a time). The forward fold model comes with plenty of space, including a luxurious queen-sized, pocket coil mattress to spread out on that your family will love after a long day (so much better than sleeping on an air mattress or the cold, hard ground!). Plus, the dinette easily converts into a double bed, which gives you an extra bed plus optional indoor lounge seating and table area that’s both comfortable and stylish. The awning gives you a large outdoor area that’s sheltered, which is a great place to set up chairs, tables, and a kitchen thanks to the slide-out fridge and stove. With options for both indoor and outdoor living space, your trailer will feel more homey than ever and doesn’t leave you stranded if there’s bad weather.

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  1. Build

The forward fold trailer is a great family trailer because it’s so comfortable and well designed. The trailer has a hard floor, meaning it’s raised off the ground for a cleaner, tidier interior that keeps away dust and dirt better than soft-floor models. It also means you can camp in rocky or muddy sites without worrying about the floor of your trailer, and you’ll be much more comfortable in cold weather or rain. There’s nothing like soggy blankets and a wet tent to ruin a family camping trip! Once you’ve upgraded from tent camping to a family camper trailer, it’s hard to imagine how you ever made it with just a canvas shelter and zipper door.

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  1. Set Up

The ideal family camper trailer will be easy to set up, because with kids running around it’s not always possible to figure out a complex model (especially if you have to arrive late). You want to be up and running in a few minutes, especially if you have just one or two pairs of hands. The forward fold model is great because it takes only a few pushes and pulls to get it fully set up, and with the Cub Campers Ezy-wind system, it couldn’t be easier. One parent can set up while the other keeps an eye on the kiddos, and you have the recipe for a successful family trip! Plus, since the forward fold style doesn’t extend past the initial surface area of the trailer, you know exactly whether your camper trailer will fit in the camp site, so it’s easy to find a spot that works!

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  1. Features

The forward fold model of family camper trailer always has plenty of features to keep you and the clan happy. With standard features like a queen mattress, LED lights, a large fridge box, and extra storage, you’ll love the creature comforts of this family camper trailer. Plus, most camper trailers are fully customizable, so any additional options you want can often be added. You can even choose from affordable packages depending on your needs!

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  1. Off-Roading

The forward fold model has another huge benefit: it’s completely designed for off-roading, if your family is looking for even more adventure. You get a great family camper trailer that’s both comfortable and sleek, plus the durability and performance of an off-road rig that’s ready to handle anything you can throw at it. With independent suspension, extra room for gas, tough alloy wheels, and lightweight for towing, the forward fold family camper trailer is ideal for fun, family trips that veer off the beaten path.


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