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5 Best Camping Spots In Queensland

2 September 2020

Queensland and camping goes together like bread and butter! Whether you’re a state local, or you’re visiting from elsewhere, this is the perfect place to set up and relax. With the amazing warm weather all year round, stunning natural features and unimaginable offering of varied camping options, you could pretty much close your eyes, point and wind up in an awesome spot. With that in mind, there are a few places that take the cake for camping in the sunshine state. Here are the best camping spots in Queensland to add to that bucket list…

Noah Beach, Cape Tribulation…

If you’re hunting for an idyllic, chilled out camping break to recharge those batteries then look no further than Noah Beach at Cape Tribulation! This spot lets you camp out right on the fringe of the coast and the rainforest. Enjoy an amazing trip just 50 metres from two stunning natural features that will have you feeling completely relaxed and in-tune with the earth. This scenic spot can be accessed by commercial cars and compact camper trailers, making it the perfect location for your Weekender or Explorer! These models are lightweight, compact and ready for off road driving so they’ll be the perfect companion for a trip to Cape Tribulation.

Explorer Open Hero Shot

Snorkel, hike and fish your days away at this serene camping spot. 

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island…

No list of top Queensland camping spots would be complete without a mention of Whitehaven Beach. This is kind of universally considered one of the best beaches in Australia, and there is a smattering of national park campgrounds on offer around the island to kick back and enjoy over the summer. Whitehaven beach is truly secluded, with a capped capacity of 36 – so you’ll have to plan well ahead of time to nab yourself a spot at this coveted campground. Explore the surrounding islands, swim, surf and socialise at this incredible location. 

Lady Musgrave Island, Bundaberg…

Speaking of secluded! Lady Musgrave Island is a quiet haven that’s covered in fascinating tropical wildlife, untouched terrain and glistening waters. This is a two hour boat journey from Bundaberg, so this spot is for the hardcore campers who are hunting for a new and exciting experience to challenge themselves with. There are approximately zero amenities on offer, so you’ll need to pack like a pro to ensure that you have everything you need for your exotic and rustic getaway. 

Fraser Island, Fraser Coast…

Ahh, Fraser Island, a classic spot for camping in Queensland. Enjoy stretched out days exploring the amazing coastline, sparkling surf and engaging wildlife. There are an awful lot of sites on offer here, it is the largest sand island on earth, after all. For family friendly fun that will give you plenty to do on your stay, head to Dundubara, Waddy Point or Lake Boonmanjin. These are all pristine, protected and completely kid friendly. Surf, explore and camp your days away in these safe and sandy camping spots. 

Noosa North Shore, Noosa…

Noosa North Shore is just a few steps away from the bustling centre of the iconic holiday spot, and yet you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled upon your own little version of paradise! Fish, surf, swim, boat and bush walk at Noosa North Shore camping ground! There’s a lot of opportunity for a bit of 4WD off roading here, so make sure you bring along your favourite terrain friendly Cub Camper! There are limited facilities so come prepared with your trailer, essentials and plenty of creature comforts to stay happy on your camping trip. 

Are you ready to try out one of the best camping spots in Queensland, if not all? Hop in your Cub, grab the family and get exploring, the outdoors is going to adventure itself!


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