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7 Top Tips for Camping With Toddlers

14 October 2020

Camping with the little ones really is one of the most rewarding and memorable things that you can do. You’ll enjoy unforgettable bonding time away from the drags of your day to day routine whilst you make memories that will last a lifetime. Now, although it might be as idyllic and fun as it sounds, camping with kids isn’t exactly a walk in the park, particularly when they’re toddlers. Here is how to make camping with toddlers as successful and smooth sailing as it possibly can be…

You need more space than you think

How do kids need so much space? It’s an unsolved mystery and one that you have to learn to work around. The smaller the child, the more space you need, so if you’ve got a youngster or two on your hands and you’re wanting to invest in the outdoors lifestyle, then it’s high time you started looking at camper trailers. The Longreach from Cub is the perfect model for keen camping families who require plenty of space, comfort and safety whilst they explore everything that the outdoors has to offer. With quick and easy set up, off roading capabilities and more living space than you would ever expect, it’s ideal for housing your little tykes, your kit and yourself, too!

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Keep it short, sweet and close to home

This one goes out to anyone who hasn’t camped with younger kids before, keep it short, keep it brief, keep it within a few hours of your home. Those little angels can turn quickly and you never know what could be waiting for you on the other side of your drive, so do yourself a favour and start slow. Book yourself in for a brief but beautiful weekend at a local campsite to test the waters. This is important for kids and grown ups alike. 

Plan everything with safety in mind

You’re a parent, you really don’t need to be told to make safety a priority, however, it’s important to flag that you need to keep security and health in mind every step of the way. That means packing plenty of first aid kits, sunscreen and bug spray, booking a site that’s away from animals or unfriendly terrain and staying in the shade during your camping activities. Diligence goes a very long way, and if you commit to it for your entire trip, you’ll find yourself having an easier time of things, no matter what happens. 

Bring their favourite items

Just because you get a kick out of adventure, unfamiliarity and all things new, doesn’t mean your toddler will. Ensure that they are always comfortable and cosy by bringing along their favourite blankets and toys. These will make them feel a little more at home and relaxed when they’re having their downtime. 

Pack all of the food

All good campers know just how important it is to cater your camp properly, and this becomes even more true when you’re bringing the kids. Toddlers and their staggeringly inexhaustible appetite have to be taken care of, so just pack all of the food – this is where having a roomy Cub camper on your side comes in very handy! Pre-cook and freeze a couple of meals, chop everything you need before you leave and stock up on as many dry snacks as you can muster up to make mealtimes easier for everyone. 

Work with their schedule

You worked hard to get your toddler’s sleep schedule in ship shape, don’t throw all of that away on a short camping trip. Plan your days around their naps and bedtimes to keep temperaments even and spirits high. You can relax with a good book and a hard earned cup of coffee whilst the kids snooze on schedule. 

Arm yourself with plenty of entertainment

Yes, you’re headed into mother nature to get away from screen time, but that doesn’t mean that your kids are going to be totally satisfied with zero entertainment – that’s a big ask and a battle that’s bound to be lost. Instead, be realistic and pack plenty of board games, arts and crafts gear, musical instruments and books to keep those active minds busy during quiet time. 

Ready to get out there and show your toddler just how fantastic this great big country is? Follow these pointers and you guys will be having the adventure of a lifetime, in no time. 


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