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Best National Parks in Australia to Go Camping

13 March 2023

Every keen camper knows just how brilliant a stint in a serene National Park can be. Whether you’re heading for a tranquil solo trip, travelling with the family or packing up and hitting the outdoors with your friends, a National Park is a fantastic option for a varied and memorable camping trip. From waterfalls to wildlife and walking tracks, there’s no end to what you can discover when you’re camping out in one of Australia’s many beautiful National Parks. The country is studded with a constellation of destinations, here’s a few of the best options to consider for your upcoming camping holiday…

Karijini National Park, Western Australia

Karijini National Park is undoubtedly one of the most rife and fascinating National Parks to head to in Australia. It is packed full of incredible sights and gems just waiting to be discovered. It is Western Australia’s second biggest National Parks, infamous for incredible sights, gorges and crystal clean waters. Here’s what you’ll find at Karijini…

Dales Gorge

Dales is one of the most popular Gorges at Karijini, it’s situated nice and close to the campground so it’s a great option for families with younger ones. You’ll find perfect swimming holes, multiple pools and picturesque picnicking spots too.

Knox Gorge

Knox is a brilliant destination within Karijini National Park if you’re looking for a healthy and challenging walk that ends with a big reward. Knox Gorge delivers a view like no other with beautiful clean waters and striking rock features. A must see for photographs.

Hancock Gorge

This is a challenging walk just like Knox, however, it is far briefer and therefore more manageable for more campers, particularly in the hotter seasons. There is a beautiful swimming destination named Kermits Pool if you’re up to the task of a tricker climb or if you’re willing to walk through water.

Weano Gorge

This is yet another challenging yet short walk with a chance of getting wet on your way to the famous Handrail Gorge which is situated at a waterhole. Kids should avoid this climb to stay nice and safe.

Hammersley Gorge

This is further away from the camping area within Karijini National Park however it is one of the simplest swimming points to access if you’re feeling up to tackling the dirt roads. It’s incredibly stunning with the famous Spa Pools right in the centre.

Excellent camping choices

Once you’ve planned your activities, you need to choose where you’re going to set up shop! Karijini National Park has lots in the way of camping, the most popular choices are…

Dales Campground

Dales Campground is situated about a ten minute drive away from the infamous Dale Gorge, and it’s the only campground managed by the National Park itself. It costs $11 a night per adult and features basic amenities such as toilets and bins but not the creature comforts you might see from other more robust grounds. It is a large campground but due to the amazing sights to see it can fill up, so make sure you book ahead of time. Each campsite is spacious enough to really set up and enjoy, so it’s great for short and long stays.

Karijini Eco Retreat

You’ll find the eco retreat by the western situated gorges – this is a great option if you’re looking for a campsite with more in the way of amenities such as showers. These are only unpowered sites so keep this in mind!

Getting equipped for your trip

Have you decided on which of the many national parks in Australia you’re going to visit? It’s time to make sure you and your fellow campers are set up in the best way possible! The Drifter from Cub Campers is the ultimate purpose built family camper trailer. It’s quick and easy to set up, massively spacious and still brings you all the convenience and freedom you expect from a classic camper trailer. This model is brilliant for setting up a comfortable home away from home feel that’ll have you enjoying and experiencing your next trip to a National Park to its fullest, wherever it is you choose. This is a long term investment and one that will enable you to camp as you like, where you like, so it’s a must for any camper looking to upgrade their adventures to no end.

Cub Drifter

There’s so much on offer when it comes to national parks camping in Australia! Once you start exploring and researching, you’ll find plenty of options to add to your camping bucket list.


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