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Camper Trailer Storage Hacks You Should Know

14 April 2020
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Great camping experiences really start at home – it’s all in the planning, people! By prepping your trailer, belongings and trip properly, you’re ensuring that your upcoming adventure will be the best one yet. Every camper could do with learning a couple of extra tips and tricks, no matter how many times you’ve been! Whether you’re a total pro or a bit of a novice, you’ll want to have these camper trailer storage hacks, organisation tips and packing pointers up your sleeve…

  1. Use shoe racks for all kinds of storage

Soft hanging shoe racks can organise a myriad of camping essentials! Hang one in your camper trailer’s kitchen area for your wine bottles, in your bed area for dirty washing and near your door, for (you guessed it) your shoes!

  1. Decant your cooking essentials

Decant your oil, salt, pepper and other spices into small bottles and containers – this will save you so much packing space and limit unnecessary waste whilst you’re away.

  1. Invest in stackable cookware and Tupperware

Stackable pots, pans and Tupperware are massive space savers, both in transit and at the campsite. These should be saved for camping trips only to avoid any missing pieces floating in your kitchen cupboards and curb the huge annoyance of not being able to find that particular pan when you’re trying to cook!

  1. Bring in the baskets

Baskets are great for tucking away general mess and belongings. Bring a couple with you to avoid any camping clutter build-up, clean and clear is always better.

  1. Look for vacuum seal bags

Vacuum seal bags are a godsend, especially for storing dirty clothes and cleaning rags on a longer camping trip! Pack a few with you to make re-packing up a total breeze.

  1. Roll, don’t fold

This packing tip can come with you everywhere you go. Rolling your clothes, instead of folding, saves you so much room in that bag of yours! It’s a quick, easy method that transforms all kinds of travelling.

  1. Don’t be afraid of using the space underneath your trailer

There’s some sneaky storage up for grabs in that space underneath your camper trailer! Use shallow plastic tubs and stash sports gear, entertainment essentials or dirty shoes when they’re not in use.

  1. Consider buying removable shelving

Investing in a few clip-on shelves will come in so handy for storing cooking gear, camping crockery and food! These can be installed on both the interior and exterior of your trailer.

  1. Use barriers or room dividers

Segmenting up your living space is important, especially if you’re travelling with the whole family! Camper trailers are traditionally open plan, so introducing barriers or collapsible room dividers can really help with both privacy and organisation. You can create mini “rooms” or personal space for every camper when they need a moment, or simply carve out where everyone’s designated storage spot is.

  1. Hang hooks

Removable hooks are a fantastic means of getting some sly storage in here and there, especially for coats and towels.

  1. Bring the portable heater

This is a lifesaver during the winter! The warm glow of the campfire doesn’t quite go as far as your camper trailer, so ensure that you and your fellow campers are as cosy as possible to keep yourself healthy and happy during the chillier months.

  1. Try out a water filtration system

Purchasing an in-line filter is a great on the go means of filtering your water collected from any nearby lakes or campsite water, without taking up too much space. Of course, if you have your hands on The Frontier from Cub, you don’t have to worry about this one. You’ll enjoy a 100L water tank that will free up a tonne of space by not having to stash filtered water with you!

Frontier Open Side Profile

  1. Install a bike rack

Installing a bike rack is the perfect way of adding some more adventure and fun to a camping trip, without eating up your storage. Whether you want to trudge your board, boat or bike along with you, a rack will get it there.

  1. Grab a blow torch

A blow torch is an incredibly nifty little tool to bring with you the next time you head to the great outdoors. Whether it’s going to be used as a campsite tool or you’re a bit of a gourmet culinary creative out in the wild, it will come in handy. 

  1. Distribute weight wisely

It might feel natural to place all your bulkier items at the back of your camper – but resist the urge! Instead, pack your heavier items above the axel, this will balance the bulk and ensure that all is sitting even during your stint at the campground. 

  1. Use rubber bands for keeping essentials together

Ahh, the rubber band – simple, yet incredibly effective, especially when it comes to camping! Stash your cutlery neatly by wrapping a band or two around your knives, forks and spoons. 

  1. Install additional lighting

Bringing sufficient lighting is an absolute must for every camper, and travelling with your trailer means that you have the opportunity to be a little more creative with it! Attach a few LED button lights to your interior for easy after-dark navigation. 

  1. Grab a few extra shower caddies

Shower caddies are made for handy storage, and sticking a couple of them to windows or next to your bed (hi, makeshift bedside table) will add another surface to curb clutter and make life simpler. 

Follow these tips for your easiest trip yet – you’ll be thanking yourself, promise!


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