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Don’t Settle For A Caravan. Cub’s Got Exactly What You Need!

10 August 2020

If you’re planning a your next big Aussie adventure, you may have been considering buying a caravan so you can camp in style. Any true adventurer will tell you though, a caravan is too big and heavy to reach the very best camping spots this country has to offer and you’ll be missing out on some of the most picturesque and remote locales that you could get to with a camper trailer. Not to worry, you can get the best of both worlds!

Cub’s Drifter II and Longreach LE are perfect for the adventurer who wants all the comforts of a caravan with the full off-road capabilities and versatility that only a camper trailer can offer. These campers come with hot water as standard, massive water tanks and power capacities for extended off-the-grid stays, and enormous living areas – perfect for large families or if you just like having tons of room to move around.

The Drifter II is hands-down the best family camper available. It’s the only Australian Made Double Fold Camper on the market, so its quality is second to none. This camper has beds that fold out on either side and a convertible microfibre leather dinette area in the centre that transforms into a third bed, allowing up to 6 people to sleep comfortably. It’s incredibly easy to set up so you’ll be relaxing around the campfire with your family within minutes of arriving at your campsite.

The Longreach LE is perfect for those who want all the bells and whistles – and control those bells and whistles from the comfort of their deckchair. The Longreach LE is kitted out with the Redarc RedVision system, allowing you to control everything from the camper’s mood-lighting and onboard sound system (included as standard), as well as monitor water and battery levels right from your smartphone.

So don’t settle for a bulky caravan when you can take all of its best features and go to the most beautiful and remote locations. View the full list of features for the Drifter II and Longreach LE by clicking on the links below:


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