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Hard Floor Vs Soft Floor Camper Trailer

12 May 2020
Camper Trailers

Choosing the perfect camper trailer to stick alongside you through all of your outdoor adventures is not to be taken lightly! A trailer is an investment in an awesome and truly enriching lifestyle, and it can be a pretty significant one at that. So, in order to make the right selection for you and your camping clan, you need to thoroughly consider all of the different variables and options out there. A big question that you need to address early on in your search is whether you want a hard floor or soft floor camper. What’s the difference, you ask? We’ve mapped it all out for you…

Soft Floor Camper Trailers

Soft floor camper trailers will sit on the ground, basically expanding to look something like a tent with structure. This is a very lightweight option that offers up a good amount of storage and open, communal living space. These are usually low in price and big on return, perfect for casual campers who enjoy stays during the in-season with big groups of people. Whilst these do come with the option for added rooms (kind of like a soft walled extension), soft floor trailers typically do not last as long as hard floor models.

Hard Floor Camper Trailers

Hard floor campers are favoured for their comfort, convenience and liveability – they basically offer you all the perks of a caravan, without the weight or limitations that traditionally come with mobile homes. Hard floor models come in forward fold, rear fold and dual fold options, opening into a camper that sits above the ground from a simple hinge and folding movement. This type of trailer feels like a real home away from home.

The Difference

You can probably already get a feel for the difference between soft and hard floor camper trailers, but let’s break it down:


Storage space can be a massive deal when you’re travelling with big groups of people. Soft floor trailers tend to offer more in the storage department, so if that’s your priority then you should definitely stick to soft. Although all is not lost if you had your heart set on a hard floor trailer – Most hardfloor campers still offer loads of storage space that’s more than enough for a family of 4 (or even 6, depending on the model)


If you’re looking for a trailer that you can set up in a matter of clicks, then a hard floor model should absolutely be your camper of choice. Your home away from home can unfold in all of three minutes, making both coming and going incredibly quick and convenient.


This one is a close call, but if you really want to stick to the lighter side of things, then soft floor camper trailers are your best bet. Hard floor camper trailers are heavier simply due to the weight of the floor, but they aren’t going to seriously weigh you down. There are also loads of lightweight options for hard floor campers, such as the Weekender or Explorer, that can easily be towed by most Sedans or small SUVs. 



Camper trailers are your key to getting the most out of your time outside and really, in this debate, hard and soft floor campers are neck and neck.


Soft floor trailers are, by nature, considered to be less comfortable than hard floor alternatives as they sit right on the ground. Hard floor campers are completely protected and comfortable, as long as you park them on relatively flat ground.


Because hard floor trailers sit above the ground and their structure is both sturdier and weightier, they are known to last longer than soft floor options. Although you do have the option to add “rooms” to soft floor campers, so if you think your camping cohort might grow down the line, a soft floor model might be more future proof for you. 


Soft floor models are lower in cost due to their lightweight form and simplistic form, so they suit those who are on a tighter budget. If you’re on the hunt for a cost-effective hard floor trailer option, you can always check out the second-hand camper trailers on offer at Cub!

There you have it! An informative deep dive into the hard floor vs soft floor camper trailer conundrum. By now you should feel totally confident in the camper that’s going to best serve you and your outdoor lifestyle.


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