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How to get Lost in Luxury

31 July 2023

Are you ready to leave your troubles behind and really get lost in luxury? Travelling can be a refreshing journey into the unknown, a time to lose yourself in the wild, letting the wind take you wherever it blows.

The adventures of your lifetime await, from sipping champagne on Hyams Beach with the warm summer sun beating down on you to the morning espresso lifting you out of bed with the Twelve Apostles nestled in the background. No one tells you how to travel, it’s up to you. The freedom of choice to discover new places, unearth majestic experiences is the wonderful call to something we all want. We won’t tell you what to do, we can only help with how you get there. We have your ticket to get lost in luxury.

Your Means of Travel

One of the fundamentals of luxury travel is choosing the right means – whether it’s by train, plane or automobile. Australia is a big place, and getting in a car to explore its remote regions opens the eyes to the wonders of the country. From remote beaches scattered along the coastlines to breath-taking rainforests and the majesty of the Australian outback, when you consider that much of Australia’s beauty is found off the beaten path, the only effective way to explore is by 4WD. When selecting a 4WD vehicle, for reasons that will become obvious, you’ll need to look carefully at towing capacity – a minimum of 2500kg and 300kg tow ball weight.

5 Star Accommodation

Once you’re on the road, with home and its responsibilities at your back, worries start melting away as you drink in the amazing scenery and experiences. Being a discerning traveller, you’ll want 5 star dining and accommodation every step of the way. If only there was a way to stay overnight at the most stunning locations to take in sunrises you’ll never forget. In Australia there really is only one solution, the best way to get lost in luxury wherever you want (and to stay there for a while) – a Cub luxury hybrid caravan. 

Luxury Lifestyle

Touring Australia in a Cub luxury hybrid caravan is an enviable experience. You have 5-star accommodation wherever you go, even when you are in the middle of the Australian outback. There is no “roughing it”. You and your significant other can enjoy hot meals and chilled wine (or an ice cold beer), wherever and whenever you like. When you get back from the beach, or indeed after skiing, you can step straight into the generous ensuite bathroom for a hot shower after a Snowy Mountains walk. Getting Lost in Luxury is now within reach.

Tick off your bucket list!

So, it’s time to get a Cub luxury hybrid caravan and to start ticking things off your bucket list. In fact, we have some things you can add to yours:

  • Sunrise espresso at Uluru
  • Lobster and champagne at Cape Leveque
  • Hot shower after a cold alpine trek
  • Brie and pinot in the Daintree rain forest
  • Sunset cocktails in Busselton

Wondering what else you’ll need before starting an outback adventure? Check out Cub’s ultimate getaway guide for the Australian Outback here.

Are you ready to get lost?

Take a look at two of Cub’s luxury hybrid caravans, the C16 and the L16. Key fixtures of the Cub range, these luxury hybrid caravans have quickly established themselves as highly desirable mobile accommodation.


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