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How to Road Trip With Dog

3 April 2023

Travelling through Australia is undoubtedly one of the best ways to spend our time – but add a four legged into the mix? The fun gets upped tenfold. Dogs really can transform our relationship with the outside, even the most avid camper can gain a new lease on their upcoming adventure if they bring their best friend along for the ride. Whether you, your family and your pets are getting geared up for your first ever camping trip or you’re practically a professional and you’re ready to bring your dog with you on your next trip, these tips are going to make your camp with your dog as smooth sailing and successful as it can be.

Set yourself up the right way

First things first, you need to make sure you and your dog have the right facilities to stay safe, comfortable and catered for when you’re out on your big adventure. Making sure you have plenty of space and appropriate practicalities should be your first consideration. If you’re yet to invest in your very own mobile home away from home, it’s time to think about treating yourself to a camper trailer. This is going to make sure you, your family or fellow campers and your furry friend have all the essentials and creature comforts you need to have the very best adventures possible, time and time again. The Frontier from Cub Campers is the ultimate choice if you’re looking for a spacious, luxurious camper trailer that gives you everything you need to camp the way you want to without compromising on ease, longevity and camping capabilities. With plenty of space for you and your pets, it gives you everything you need to hit the open road with your entire camping clan, fur friends and all. Giving your dog their own space is key to making sure they are safe and happy while you’re on your camping trip, and the Longreach guarantees that they are going to have as much room as they need to stay as joyful as can be, whether you’re parked up at a National Park, booked in at an amenities studded camping ground, relaxing at the beach or hiding out in the bush.

Cub Frontier

Camping essentials

Making your camper trailer a fun and relaxing space to be will also mean that your dog is going to feel happy and comfortable should you have to head out without them, or keep them entertained while you’re taking some much needed rest time for yourself! Bring along their bed, plenty of chew toys and accessories and, of course, make sure their treat stash is packed. If you’re camping in summer, make sure you keep your interior cool and shaded away from the harsh sun. Maybe your dog is coming along for a winter camping trip? Keep things cosy with plenty of blankets and make sure you have LED lights on hand for when the sun goes in.

If you’re water-bound, have a life jacket handy for your dog and all the essentials you need to dry them off and keep them fresh and clean after time in the water. And, naturally you’re going to need to bring the practical items like their fresh water and food supply as well as mess bags, leads and a whistle if this is something you rely on when you’re home. Keeping to their usual items and routines will help your dog to feel secure and safe no matter where you roam.

Making the journey comfortable

Make sure you are taking the time to take plenty of stops while you’re hauling to your camping destination. Your dog needs time to stretch their legs, relieve themselves and get familiar with their surroundings, so a few pit stops on the road are essential, even for shorter drives. Taking a road trip with your dog is so rewarding and enjoyable, and stops are great for making the most of exploring all the sights along the way to your final destination.

Find the perfect camping destination

Keep in mind that not all campgrounds are going to be appropriate for bringing along your four legged friend. Take the time to research your desired spots ahead of time to ensure you’re headed to a ground or spot that is going to suit you and your dog alike. When you do find the right camping ground or area, it’s then important to take the right considerations when you’re there to keep you, your dog and your surrounding neighbours happy. This includes researching and sticking to the rules and regulations regarding pets at your campground of choice. Some will allow dogs, but only on a leash. Most will ask that you pick up after your dog, keep noise to a minimum and stick to allotted areas. These regulations are in place to protect campers, your dog and the surrounding wildlife, so it’s key to read, digest, understand and follow them at all times.

Take the time to explore and enjoy

While bringing your dog on your next camping trip means taking the time to consider, pack and plan accordingly, don’t forget that your furry friend is going to give you all the more joy and possibility for exploring your area of choice. Head out for long healthy walks, jump in the water or chill out with your best friend by your side for one of your most memorable and enjoyable camping trips yet. Once you bring your dog on a camping trip, you’re going to want them there for every moment!


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