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Lightweight Camper Trailers You Can Tow With a Crossover

5 February 2019
Lightweight Camper Trailers

Who says you need a fully loaded truck to go on amazing camping adventures in your trailer? Lightweight trailers are your ticket to keeping your beloved crossover and having a fantastic trip with family and friends in the Great Outdoors. Cub Campers has a wide range of lightweight trailers to suit every camping need and trailer preference, from super light and super compact to deluxe and roomy trailers. Whether you’re looking for all the bells and whistles without sacrificing towing capacity or whether you just want the basics to hit the open road free as a bird, these lightweight trailers are right up your alley. Read on to find out just how many lightweight trailers you can tow with your crossover. Hint: they just might surprise you.

  1. Weekender

The Weekender is so lightweight, it can even be towed by a small car. This trailer has light off-roading capability but is the perfect size for an adventurous couple. Cub Camper’s lightest trailer model has an ATM of just 900kg, making it the perfect weekend companion for any camping trip. If you’re looking for something you can use every weekend to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city, the Weekender is aptly named and designed! Plus, with cleverly designed underbed storage, you’ll still have enough room for all yours and your camping partners necessities.

  1. Explorer

Another of the 2.2m series, the Explorer can go wherever your tires lead with full off-road capabilities. The Explorer is loaded with features without being monstrously heavy; in fact, the Explorer is still one of Cub Campers lightweight trailers. Clocking in at an ATM of 1300kg, this budget-friendly trailer is perfectly suited to a crossover and fits up to four people. With a standard fridge box and slide, you have everything you need to explore the Outback comfortably.

Lightweight Camper Trailers
  1. Brumby

The famous Brumby is one of Cub Camper’s most popular options, due in no small part to its ease of towing. Slightly heavier than the two other 2.2m options, the Brumby has an ATM of 1400kg, but this is partly because of how strongly it’s built. Made to outlast the harsh Australian outback, the Brumby is a great option for a small family with a crossover. Don’t be afraid to get serious with your off-roading: this fan favourite can take it and bring you back with ease. With independent suspension, you can afford to get a little rough with your Brumby. So get out there and find new roads (or no roads at all!) in one of the most superior lightweight trailers on the market.

  1. Traveller

One of two options for the 2.6m series, the Traveller is just that. Roomier and with more carrying capacity, the Traveller is a great option for families who love long camping trips. This mid-size trailer has an ATM of 1100kg, so it’s still perfectly reasonable to tow with most medium SUVs. Pack the family up and hit the road in this fantastic option for lightweight trailers. No fuss, no frills, just solid camping in a trailer with exactly what you need.

  1. Escape

Travel in style in this luxe option from the 2.6m series. The Escape is exactly that: an affordable, relaxing retreat without the overpriced costs of hotels and entertainment. After all, with Mother Nature putting on a show, what more could you need? Almost any 4WD crossover vehicle can tow this trailer with an ATM of 1650kg, so you don’t have to worry about compromising on trailer space with your current vehicle. Enjoy more frills and features, like LED lights, large fridge box, a locker box with a cushion, and more.

Lightweight Camper Trailers
  1. Longreach

A proud member of the 3.2m series of lightweight trailers, the Longreach is your ticket to spacious, deluxe travel accommodations. This trailer has massive amounts of room, with 25.4msq of living area for you and up to six people total. It’s no reach to say that the Longreach can be towed by many 4WD crossovers, since some crossovers can tow up to double the weight of the Longreach, which has an ATM of 1750kg. Go off-roading in style, thanks to fantastic features and plenty of storage room in the gorgeous, sleek Longreach.  

  1. Frontier

Find new paths in the only 100% Australian made forward-folding trailer. The Frontier is innovative and luxurious, with everything you need to have the trip of a lifetime—from the front seat of your 4WD crossover. One of the Cub Campers lightweight trailers, the Frontier can be easily towed by most crossovers and is innovative in its design. With plenty of luxe comforts to keep the family happy without sacrificing on off-roading capabilities or ease of set up, the Frontier is a stylish and adept camping partner.


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