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Camping is an amazing and formative experience for anyone at any age. There are so many things that you can do when you’re out in nature, it can get easy to get swamped by the endless possibilities, particularly if you’re new to it. The truth is, you can do whatever you want to do as far as camping activities, but read on if you’re in search of a little outdoors inspiration:

What to do when camping?


Venturing through the bush is a great way to spend a day of your camping trip. This experience is challenging, fun and will definitely get your heart rate up. You go camping to be closer to nature, so why not get thoroughly amongst it? This is a lovely way to explore your environment more, and it doesn’t require any extra equipment or complicated rules!

Water sports

Water sports are some of the best things to do while camping! Whether you’re with your mates or your family, there’s an amazing amount of fun to be had out on the water. You can try water-skiing, boating or if you’re near the waves, surfing. Camping is all about being active and adventurous, and what better way to achieve that than getting out and having some fun on the water.


Chilling out should definitely be on your list of things for camping agendas. Although it’s not the first activity that comes to mind when you imagine that outdoors trip, it is an important one. Camping can take a bit of a toll on the body, so kicking back and enjoying the sun or tucking into a good book will do you good. Make time for calm moments no matter who you’re adventuring with, it’s always important.


How to make camping fun for kids?

Yes, camping is perfect for long naps, stargazing and fishing, but how can you make it more accommodating for you kids? In time, they’ll love engaging in those aforementioned activities, but if you have little ones that are bursting with energy, you might need to come up with a few things that are a little more action-packed to tire them out.

Hide and Seek

Encouraging fun activities for kids while camping will create a sentimental and joyful ambience around your trips for countless years to come. Hide and Seek is an easy and fun way to pass an afternoon or evening out in the campground. This is a great one to introduce on bush walks that aren’t too far away from the ground.

Make a Campfire

This one is a classic. Fun camping activities for families, kids and adults alike will bring everyone together and encourage lasting friendships for years to come. The campfire is a place for stories, shadow puppets, camp songs and clapping games.

Nature Exploration

Nature gathering, bird watching, and animal logging are all great camping activities for kids. This is a great opportunity for you and the kids to get your mind working whilst you enjoy leading an active, curious lifestyle. Exploring the great outdoors with an educational mindset will spark the young ones’ imaginations and distinguishes different locations in new and creative ways! Outdoor games for kids while camping can be as simple as spying a new species of your children’s favourite animal!

Capture the Flag

This is undoubtedly one of the best camping games ever invented! Capture the flag is massive fun for kids and adults alike, and it’s definitely going to tire out anyone who decides to play.  This is particularly great if you’re camping with a large group, or if you want to encourage the kids to make a few new friends.

Card Games

Fun games to play while camping for adults and kids are not hard to come across, and card games are probably one of the most popular categories! Playing card games around the campfire with kids, or at dinnertime for adults, will really rev up the downtime on your trip. Card games are particularly good for rainy days, bring along a camper trailer with an extendable tarp to make sure that you enjoy your trip no matter what conditions you’re in.

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There’s no shortage of fun things to do camping for all ages. It is such a great opportunity to really connect with the environment and the people around you as you switch off from your everyday. 

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