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Throwing a Camping Birthday Party

11 November 2020
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What better way to celebrate your birthday than with the fresh air in your lungs, the sun on your face and stunning nature all around you? Camping on your birthday is such a great way of treating yourself to a relaxed, fun and memorable day without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips and tricks to making throwing yourself a camping birthday party as easy as possible…

Choose Where to Celebrate

First things first, have a little think about where exactly you want to celebrate another passing year! If you’ve got a tried and tested trusty favourite ground that springs to mind right away, you might want to stick to it because you know that you love it. Or, maybe, you want to venture a bit and find yourself somewhere new for an exciting, energy filled birthday this year? If that’s the case, then take that adventurous spirit online and do plenty of research to ensure that where you end up is going to give you a happy and healthy day. Seriously, a birthday trip is not the one where you want to chance it – too much risk! Do your homework to keep it happy.

Prioritise Comfort

Next, keep comfort in mind. Yes, us campers love a challenge and camping is all about getting out there and really experiencing mother nature, however, that doesn’t exactly mean that you have to sit there feeling uncomfortable, especially not on your birthday! So, in order to ensure that your day is as enjoyable as possible, why not consider treating yourself to a Cub camper trailer? This is going to give you all of the creature comforts, convenience and safety that you could possibly need whilst you revel in the grandeur of our stunning natural surroundings, on your birthday this year and for many, many ones to come! The Explorer is the perfect compact camper to invest in for first time buyers – a guaranteed way of having a very happy birthday, indeed!

Explorer Open 45 Degrees

Get Sociable

Time to get your invitees sorted. The best thing about planning a camping birthday party is that you can link up with your friends and family at the spot of your choosing! Invite your nearest and dearest to join yourself and your camping clan for a wonderful weekend celebration in the fresh air. Look for a site with powered and unpowered sites for fun that works for everyone, or simply plan a day party that guests can dip in and out of at their own convenience. Lucky you, you’ll get to party all day and night long!

Plan an Adventure

If you’re feeling up to a day of adventuring to mark that birthday of yours, consider planning a healthy hike, nature walk or heart pumping bike ride! You can scale your way up to some incredible viewpoints, go nature spotting or trek to a picturesque picnicking area for a spot of hard earned birthday cake. 

Decorate Your Camper!

No celebration feels truly complete without some form of decoration! By no means do you have to go all out with streamers and balloons, but a little colour here and there will transform your camping spot into a hub of fun and joy. Use cotton bunting to add some festivity to the outside of your camper trailer and pop a banner up indoors to set the mood as soon as the birthday person wakes up!

Cook a Special Meal

Look, you don’t have to go crazy here, but something slightly out of the ordinary should be served up to make the day feel that extra bit special. Cook up a yummy barbecue for your guests, pre-make a few healthy salads to add some crunch and make sure that you have some kind of birthday cake – nothing fancy, but sometimes those are the best kind anyway, right?

Got a big birthday coming up? Make sure that you put these camping party ideas to good use and you’ll have a camping celebration that goes down in history on your hands.


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