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Tips For Family Camping In NSW

28 October 2020
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Ahh, camping with the family, is there any better way to switch off and connect with the ones that you love the most than packing up the camper and heading into the great outdoors? There really isn’t, is there? Whether you’re raising a clan of keen campers from the get go, or you guys are just starting to dabble in the outdoors lifestyle, you’re going to get a whole lot out of your next trip to NSW! Here are a few top tips and tricks to ensure that your upcoming adventure is as seamlessly smooth sailing and successful as it possibly can be…

Involve Everyone in the Planning Process

The key to planning a trip that the whole family is going to love, is by involving everyone in the process! Giving the kids a say in where they want to go out and adventure will set them up for a trip that they’re going to really enjoy. Put together a short list of three of four potential NSW camping spots, map out their differences and benefits, and present them to your little ones. With everyone on board, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a great time before you even get on the road. 

Make Mealtimes Easy

Food is a tricky topic, even for experienced campers – add a bunch of hungry kids into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a little bit of a challenge on your hands. The good news? All of this can easily be tackled with some precise planning and crafty prepping. Create a meal plan mapping out every major meal that you’ll tuck into on your trip. Shop, pre chop and separate everything so that you can easily find the exact ingredients that you need whilst you’re cooking up those campground culinary creations. Keep one meal dry, breakfast is usually easiest as you can have cereals, trail mixes or pre-baked bars. You can even cook up and freeze a couple of meals for those evenings when you just can’t face the camp kitchen. Bring along plenty of snacks and be sure to safely pack all food away from expensive kit or clothing. 

You Need More Room Than You Think

Kids just eat up space, so in order to have a comfortable and organised camping trip, you’ll need the gear to house them properly. If you’re an avid adventurer looking for an upgrade or a beginner who’s really wanting to commit to all of the boundless benefits that an outdoor lifestyle can offer you, you need to start browsing camper trailers. Cub’s Traveller is the perfect family starter model, with off roading capabilities, plenty of space for you and the younger ones and majorly convenient set up, you’ll get everything you need for endless family camping adventures.


Bring Entertainment

A huge mistake that first time family campers often make is that parents reckon their kids will magically forget about their almost constant state of entertainment back home and will be totally satisfied by the beautiful nature out in front of them. In a perfect world, yes that would be the case. In reality? Not so much. So, if you want those young minds to ditch the screens in favour of one much needed family bonding, pack and plan plenty of alternate forms of entertainment to keep them busy. Try board games, arts and crafts, musical instruments, capture the flag, surfing, fishing, birdwatching – there’s so much that you can get up to, even you won’t be tempted to reach for that smartphone. 

Are you ready to make family memories that last a lifetime? Start planning that camping trip today! Family camping in NSW is the perfect vacation for 2020. The great outdoors is waiting!


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